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Harm Less Chicago vegan Eats

Coalfire - Lakeview Chicago 3707 N. Southport Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60613

May 26th 2017

Ordered delivery from one of my past time favorite pizza spots! (pre-vegan days) And WOW! I am so happy CoalFire added two vegan pizzas to their menu! I ordered both The vegan pesto pizza and the regular vegan pizza. My favorite was the Vegan Pesto pizza (shown above) They did an excellent job. The pizza was really flavorful and the vegan pesto was absolutely delicious! The regular vegan pizza option was also tasty but buyer beware.... one of the ingredients is Calabrian Chile so it is a spicy pizza. I didn't mind it, but I'm sure you can ask to leave the chile sauce off if you don't like spicy :)

Definielty check out CoalFire! Maybe they will add the vegan option to their west town location! :)